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Description:It is handy and convenient for outdoor adventures, sports or home healthcare. Applying the product on an injury increases blood circulation, reduces muscle spasms, relieves fatigue, swelling, pain and bruising. It is great to use for injury or any type of trauma, soreness, join..
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Description:A trusted formula that kills germs and gives you 99.9% protectionEffectively cleans hands of dirt, impurities and harmful germs, promoting hygieneHelps you clean your hands before or after eatingHow to use:put on your handsmessage it on both handslet it dryPharmaceutical form:antiseptic ..
Ex Tax:35.00SAR
Description:The product is drug-free and hence suitable for all ages.The bandage helps in preventing drying out of the skin and hence reduces scarring.It facilitates wound protection of minor wounds, cuts, scrapes and burns Stays on for up to 24 hoursHow to use:Clean the wound and let it dry a ..
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Beauty Formulas Feather Flora Razors (Pack of 2)
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Razors for underarms and body hair.Description: Shaving Razors for armpit, hand and legs. Super sharp blades, easy to use and hug every curve. With a protective moisture ribbon. Razor leaves your legs feeling smoother for longer. Quick to use with less irritation. Pink and yellow in colour. Package ..
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Beurer 3 in 1 Epilator, White HLE 60
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Brand: Beurer
Description : 3 in 1: Waxing, shaving and peeling .Removes even the finest hair for silky smooth skin.Optimum illumination with integrated LED light.Applicable to dry or moist skin.Comes with 2 speed.The treatment with the exfoliating brush prevents ingrown hairs.20 anti-allergenic tweezers.Bat..
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Beurer Beauty To Go Handbag Set
-15 % Out Of Stock
Brand: Beurer
Description:The Beurer 'Beauty to go' Handbag set is the perfect set for grooming on the go for the busy woman. The set includes 3 great products:An Illuminated pocket mirror which has a Bright LED light, with 2 mirrors: one side is normal magnification and the other side has 2 x magnification for e..
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Beurer Elle IOnic Hydration Facial Beauty Sauna - FCE70
-15 %
Brand: Beurer
Description :Brings out the natural beauty of your skin .Prevents skin from drying out .Ions provide a deep hydration of the skin .Open pores and effects deep-cleaning .Increases blood flow .Adjustable nozzle for optimum user comfort .Fill level display .Includes measuring jug and water collection c..
487.77SAR 573.85SAR
Ex Tax:424.15SAR
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