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Kanechom Argan Oil for Hair and Skin 100 ml

Kanechom Argan Oil for Hair and Skin 100 ml
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Kanechom Argan Oil for Hair and Skin 100 ml
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It consists of organic natural argan oil and vegetable keratin oil from Kanechom 


  • Natural product free of sulfates, salts, parabens and paraffins.
  • Made in Brazil.
  • It is used for all hair types and treats the fragile and weak ends of hair.
  • Complete hair restoration.
  • Rich in unsaturated fatty acids (such as omega-3 and omega 9 and vitamin E).

Also it works on the skin:

  • Works to regenerate skin cells
  • Protects against premature aging and reduces deep wrinkles when you continue to use it
  • Eliminates the signs of cellulite in the skin
  • Safe for daily use.

 How to use:

  • The oil is heated in a water bath, then the hair and scalp are painted in it well from the roots of the hair to the ends, left for two hours, then washed and decided to use it.
  • Repeat the process once to twice a week.

Package Quantity: 1.

Package Size:

  • Hair and Skin Oil 100 ml.

Warnings and advising:

  • This product is safe.
  • For external use only.
  • Avoid direct contact with eyes.
  • keep away from the reach of the children.

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