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Nail Mate - Diamond Sponge Set 4 Pieces
-15 %
Brand: Nail Mate
Description:100% Brand new.Made of soft natural sponge, quite comfortable and cozy for your daily use.Hydrophilic, fit for all skin, help you create perfect makeup.Give you a flawless foundation application every single time.For all skin types.How to use:Wash clean the Powder puff.Dip some foundatio..
9.78SAR 11.50SAR
Ex Tax:8.50SAR
Ousha Angled Blush Brush
-15 %
Brand: Ousha
Ousha is a professional and easy blush brush, designed with angled tips to fit the contours of your face while applying blush and bronzer.Description: Blush brush features angled tips that make it ideal for applying blush and bronzer. Uses with liquid blush, powder or highlighter for a professional ..
60.61SAR 71.30SAR
Ex Tax:52.70SAR
Ousha Angled Foundation Brush
-15 %
Brand: Ousha
Ousha is a professional and easy foundation brush, made for your unique angles. The edges fit perfectly into the contours of your nose, under your eyes and cheekbones, and along your hairline and jawline.Description: Ousha Angled Foundation Brush with angled tips, making it ideal for applying found..
65.49SAR 77.05SAR
Ex Tax:56.95SAR
Ousha Eye Set
-15 %
Brand: Ousha
oucha eye set offers a highly efficient product.Description: Consists of 5 brushes: Flat definer brush, Short shader brush, Pencil brush, Blending brushTapered blending brushPackage Quantity: 5Manufacturer: OushaProduct form: Make-up Brush..
79.18SAR 93.15SAR
Ex Tax:68.85SAR
Ousha Eyeshadow Blending Brush
-15 %
Brand: Ousha
Ousha is a professional and easy-to-use blending brush designed to smoothly and effortlessly blend and apply eye shadow just the way you want it.Description: Ousha is a eye blender brush, ideal for blending the eyeshadow. For a flawless blend every time. After putting the colors of the eyeshadows, u..
54.27SAR 63.85SAR
Ex Tax:47.19SAR
Ousha face brush set
-15 %
Brand: Ousha
Ousha face brush set is a professional and easy-to-use brushes, consists of four types of brushes: contouring brush, highlighter brush, multi-use brush for blush or face powder and flat concealer brush.Description: A set of four types of makeup brushes for the face. Perfect for flawless makeup ever..
88.48SAR 104.10SAR
Ex Tax:76.94SAR
Ousha Highlighter Brush
-15 %
Brand: Ousha
Ousha Highlighter brush: The perfect shape for shading and highlighting cheeks and face.Description:Ousha is one of the Blink products. Blink is the first Saudi brand for eyelashes. Blink offers a highly efficient product. Helps women be more confident and beautiful.Package Quant..
56.23SAR 66.15SAR
Ex Tax:48.89SAR
Nail Mate - Soft makeup sponge set
Out Of Stock
Brand: Nail Mate
A round-shaped sponge set for easy makeup applying from Nail Mate.Description: Makeup sponge makes makeup applying easier and gives a beautiful result like a professional. Can be used for both light and heavy makeup. Circular shape. Easy to carry in the bag. Good quality. Package Quantity: 1. Each..
Ex Tax:9.00SAR
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