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Beurer Infrared Body Massager MG70

Beurer Infrared Body Massager MG70
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Beurer Infrared Body Massager MG70
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  • Many times we are exposed to pain and spasms in the joints, neck and back in particular, which causes us to feel malaise and the inability to carry out daily activities to the fullest, but now with Beurer we will show you a body massager that contributes to providing comfort to the muscles and the body in general.
  • The device is very versatile, due to its application thanks to the removable handle with ease.
  • The device has the feature of a very deep massage, which provides the body with comfort and a good feeling.
  • You can choose the infrared thermostat separately.
  • The surface of the device is very smooth, which brings you comfort while using it.
  • The device contains two levels, one is a deep massage device, which provides the body with rest and relaxation in general, and the other is an infrared massage.

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